Monday, April 15, 2019

The International Rebellion's Moment of Truth

An International Rebellion is scheduled to start on Monday April 15th. People are coming together in cities all around the world to stage non-violent acts of civil disobedience. Armed with the facts about the climate crisis they are boldly challenging the existing order and demanding action. They are telling governments to immediately declare a state of ecological emergency.

The Rebellion is taking place in cities from Auckland to Accra, Mexico City to Vancouver. The epicenter of the movement is London, where on the weekend before the big launch organizers began preparing for the big day. On Monday morning participants began blocking five London locations - Marble Arch, Oxford Circus, Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square and Piccadilly Circus.

The family friendly event has been described by the organizers as a, "full-scale festival of creative resistance". It includes people’s assemblies, art actions, stage performances, talks, workshops, and food.

Organizers went to great pains to emphasize that this is a nonviolent act of civil disobedience. "Civil disobedience works when it’s peaceful, respectful, disruptive and undertaken en masse," the organizers explained, adding, "We don’t want to disrupt people, but our Government's failure over the last 30 years leaves us no choice. If we had functioning democracies we wouldn’t need to. We’ve tried petitions, marches, letters, reports, papers, meetings, even direct actions; and emissions have continued to rise. Governments prioritize the short term interests of the economic elites, so to get their attention, we have to disrupt the economy. They have left us with no other option."

The Extinction Rebellions 3 Demands

  1. Government must tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency, working with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change.
  2. Government must act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.
  3. Government must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice. 
If their demands are not met by Wednesday April 17th the action will be expanded. As one of the organizers said, "we will shut down the city".They promise open rebellion for as long as it takes.
As the organizing explained, "we will tell the truth about the severity of the climate and ecological emergency, as the Government and media are failing to."
"Only rebellion will prevent catastrophe!" George Manibot said. "The world is rising up today! The International Rebellion begins today! Join us around the world! Come to stay."

This is a whole new form of protest. Get ready for a day of truth, as the Extinction Rebellion presents a circus of art, discussions, dancing and DJs.

"We rise like the oceans."

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Extinction Rebellion: (abbreviated as XR) A socio-political movement which uses nonviolent resistance to avert climate breakdown, halt biodiversity loss, and minimise the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse.

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