Monday, May 20, 2019

Webinar - Renewable Energy Understanding and Evaluating Your Options

This complimentary renewable energy webinar will take place on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern. It will explore four salient themes: Options, cost, risk and reliability. It will also answer the question what is the best renewable options for your organization? As well as what is the best way to add them to your energy mix?

"ENGIE Insight" has assembled a panel of experts to answer these and other questions about renewable energy.  The hosts and expert panelists include Brian Dooley, Senior Director of Renewable Consulting and Shy Muralidharan, Director of Product Management. These energy and sustainability experts will show you why now is the time to invest in renewables. Learn how renewables can be part of a holistic energy management strategy, why renewables are now so much more attainable, and future trends to watch. Get your specific questioned answered by submitting them during registration. Dooley and Muralidharan will discuss them during the Q&A session.

Renewable energy has made huge strides in the commercial market over the past few years. Once more of a sustainable dream reserved for companies with large budgets, renewables are becoming mainstream, proving to be more than a short-term trend. Both on and off-site options (solar, wind, storage, RECs, green tariffs and more) are all viable considerations to add to your energy mix and the benefits are enticing: more options, reduced risk, lower costs, and an answer to stakeholder pressure.

Of course, the hardest questions for companies to answer are, "Will renewables work for us?" and "Where do we start?" The answers to these questions—and more—will be presented at the webinar. You’ll leave the webinar knowing:

  • How to evaluate and identify the best renewable options for your organization.
  • Key considerations for adding renewables into your energy mix.
  • Options available on the market today, and balance cost, risk and reliability while working toward your sustainability goals.
Register even if you are unable to attend the live broadcast and you will receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentation and a recording of the webcast.

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