Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Trump Administration's Ongoing Energy Insanity

The Trump administration's irrational energy agenda is now infamous. This is an administration that in both word and deed has undermined clean energy and supported fossil fuels. Trump's contempt for renewables is bad for the nation and a threat to life on the planet. This is an administration that has eliminated vehicular emissions restrictions and made it easier for companies to spew methane into the atmosphere.

This energy agenda can only be described as insane and a new report makes it clear that there is every reason to believe it is getting even crazier.

A recent report details the more than 700 new US facilities that have been recently built or proposed for development "to capitalize off of a glut of cheap fracked gas," The Food & Water Watch study suggests this will have dire consequences for both the planet and people.

Biologist and activist Dr. Sandra Steingraber said the report is worrisome. "This new analysis paints a devastating picture of what our world will look like if fracking and fossil fuel infrastructure buildout aren't halted soon," Steingraber said.

The situation would be comical if it were not so destructive. The report came a week after top Energy Department officials tried to rebrand natural gas. In a press release about natural gas exports, they referred to fossil fuels as "molecules of U.S. freedom" and "freedom gas."

This administration's multi-pronged attacks on planetary well-being exacerbate the threats to civilization as we know it.  Their surreal energy policy is the proverbial icing on the cake.

"Continuing to invest in fracked gas would represent a failure to address plastics pollution, a failure to prioritize human health and safety, and a failure to protect future generations from climate chaos," Food & Water Watch's Seth Gladstone told Common Dreams.

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