Saturday, August 24, 2019

Business Sustainability Management (Online Short Course) - University of Cambridge

A certificate from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership will give you the skills to argue the business case, develop integrated plans and implement strategies. This flexible eight week online course is offered in weekly modules, that can be completed in 8-12 hours per week.

The course will provide you with a deep understanding of the impact of current global economic, social, and environmental pressures. It will give you the skill to create an action plan for integrating sustainability across your organization's value chain to ensure long-term value creation. It will also give you the confidence to argue the business case for sustainability.

Participants will have access to the CISL alumni network, consisting of nearly 8,000 senior leaders and leading practitioners who represent business, the public sector and civil society in every industry, on every continent.

What this course covers

Module 1: Sustainability challenges and opportunities
Module 2: The business case and leadership for action
Module 3: Regulatory environment and international policy
Module 4: Production and consumption
Module 5: Design, technology, and planning for sustainability
Module 6: Communication and marketing
Module 7: Collaboration and partnerships
Module 8: Rewiring your business approach

Course Convenor - Martin Roberts

Martin is a Programme Director at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, where he helps companies with a global reach to derive value from embedding innovative approaches to sustainability across their organization and supply chain. Martin has extensive experience working with companies and NGOs on sustainability challenges with particular expertise in the food, agricultural, utility, tourism and extractive sectors.

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