Monday, August 12, 2019

School in Pakistan Shines Light on the Power of Renewables

Many of the 23 million Pakistani children who do not attend school work during the day.  They cannot attend school at night because some of the places where these kids live do not have electricity.  work during the day so they cannot attend school. In 2016 two schools in Faisalabad began offering night courses using electricity from solar energy to power lights, fans, and IT equipment.

As reported by the World Economic Forum, activist Rohayl Varind started "Slum School" because he wanted to do something to help bring education to these children. In 2016 he began offering night classes from 7pm to 9pm where kids can learn English, Urdu, math, science, computers, Taekwondo, graphic design, and other subjects.

Although the schools do not accept cash donations, they will take donations of food, stationary, laptops and solar power-related equipment.

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Comprehensive Green School Information and Resources 2010 - 2018 

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