Sunday, September 15, 2019

Event/Workshop - Ocean Energy Europe (OEE2019): Unlocking the Potential of Ocean Energy

The annual Ocean Energy Europe Conference and Exhibition (OEE2019) will take place on September, 30, - October, 1, 2019 in Dublin, Ireland. This event is the meeting point for the whole ocean energy sector. Experts and public and private stakeholders from the ocean energy field, will gather to discuss the latest progress and identify the most relevant opportunities for scaling-up ocean energy technologies deployment with a special emphasis on Small Island Development States.

A workshop which compliments the conference will take place on October 1 - 2, 2019. It is titled "Unlocking the potential of ocean energy," and participants will have the opportunity to attend the sessions and exhibition organized by Ocean Energy Europe.

The workshop will:
  • Present the latest progress in the field of ocean energy in terms of policy, technology, funding and business models.
  • Explore the gaps where further work in the field of ocean energy is required to shift from a research and development stage to a commercial stage for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, tidal and wave technologies.
  • Build capacity in terms of the necessary elements and conditions needed to present a bankable ocean energy project.
  • Identify the necessary synergies that needed between stakeholders to foster the development of ocean energy.
In partnership with Ocean Energy Europe, the International Renewable Energy Agency’s event "Unlocking the potential of Ocean Energy around the Globe," will complement and continue the OEE2019 programme. The event will provide a global perspective on the state of the technology in a variety of potential markets and will discuss what enabling frameworks are needed to accelerate the commercial deployment of this renewable technology.

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