Monday, September 9, 2019

Webinar - Delivering Effective Outcomes (EIA)

Delivering Effective Outcomes from EIA – Mitigation, Net Gain and Adaptive Management training webinar will take place on September 12, 2019 13:00. This is the third in a series of six webinars designed to help EIA practitioners understand and prepare for future challenges.

There is increasing calls for a more outcome-oriented system of environmental assessment. One that delivers net gains as a result of consenting development. This requires that we look beyond the effective and efficient application of due process and place greater emphasis on what is actually achieved. This is a positive change, but the need for a pre-consent impact assessment process will remain to understand the existing baseline, avoid impacts and define gains. As such, EIA must up its game when it comes to mitigation and will need to take on a far more proactive roll in exploring enhancement opportunities. 

In this webinar Josh Fothergill consider a fundamental of good EIA practice – how to deliver effective outcomes that work for the environment, community and developer. Josh will discuss how EIA can embrace net gain ambitions and the challenges, before providing a refresher on good practice around mitigation both in design and within the consenting process.

The webinar will also include an exploration of adaptive management and how the 2017 EIA Regulatory requirements related to monitoring are providing a basis for improving environmental outcomes. The webinar will reflect on how EIA practice could collaboratively act to use the back end of the process to enhance the scope of future assessments helping drive more proportionate practice and, potentially, freeing up funds to deliver further environmental enhancements.

Josh has expertise and experience across impact assessment, capacity building, sustainable resource management and integrating sustainability in business, spending much of the last decade as Policy Lead at IEMA - the professional body for cross-cutting environmental and sustainability management.

Josh is particularly adept at solving complex problems and providing respected Professionally, Josh is Coordinator of Scotland's annual EIA Community Conference, on Transform Magazine's editorial board and a Steering Group member for both IEMA's Impact Assessment Network and its Global Environmental & Social Assessment Group. He is a former Chair of the IAIA's Ireland & UK Branch and has helped organize multiple IAIA symposia.

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