Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The U.S. Spends 10 Times more on Fossil Fuel Subsidies than Education

There is something profoundly wrong with countries that spend more on fossil fuels than they do on education. Fossil fuels are the leading cause of climate change while education is essential to the health and well being of both individuals and the societies they inhabit.

According to a recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) report, the U.S. spends ten times more on various forms of fossil fuel subsidies than it does on education. The U.S. fossil fuel industry receives 649 billion in subsidies, that is ten times more tax dollars than the public education system.
To make matters worse, the Trump administration has sought to increase support for fossil fuels while decreasing support for education.

So how did we find ourselves in this insane predicament? The fossil fuel industry has used their tremendous influence and financial clout to pay legislators to protect their subsidies. They have bought legislators and helped to make Republicans the leading advocates of climate denial.  They even work to deceive children and prevent teachers from teaching the facts.

The fossil fuel industry's control of politicians is not a uniquely American phenomenon. In Canada the fossil fuel lobby largely controls the Conservative party.  The ruling Liberals are not immune, although they support climate action, they also give billions of dollars to the fossil fuel industry.

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