Monday, November 25, 2019

Event - CES Paris 2020

CES Paris will take place in June, 2020. There will be more than 300 people attending this event including more than 70 corporates and 65 speakers. The second edition of CES Europe participants will discuss the increasingly sophisticated array of options, spread and share best practice and network with solutions provider and thought leaders.

The first of the Corporate Energy Series was a carbon neutral event that was held in France on 21-22 May 2019. The event explored solutions for corporates to reach 100% renewable electricity. Decision-makers from global and European corporations, renewable energy project developers, banks, law firms, advisory firms, as well as regulators, government representatives and think tanks gathered to discuss the challenges and opportunities of actively procuring and sourcing renewable energy.

The Corporate Energy Series of events are held in key regions around the world to accelerate corporate renewable energy uptake through unprecedented networking sessions and specialised expert workshops and round tables.The global transition to a cleaner, digitalised and decentralised energy system is accelerating as concerns over global warming are rising.

Corporations – which consume two thirds of the world’s electricity – have a major role to play in the transformation to a carbon neutral energy mix. Major corporations around the world have already committed to powering their operations solely with renewable electricity, as part of broader sustainability strategies – and some have already reached their 100% renewable electricity target. This creates business opportunities between commercial and industrial users and the energy industry: no less than 73 corporate renewable energy contracts that totaled 6.33 GW were signed in 2018! Corporate action for renewable electricity not only sends a strong message to wider society, it also enables emissions reductions, and helps to drive renewables uptake globally – notably encouraging the addition of new projects to feed into the grid.

Corporate Energy Series Europe will provide an unrivaled learning platform through workshops and round tables, enabling in- depth debates and discussions on the specifics of corporate clean energy sourcing and regional regulatory and market differences. The event networking app will facilitate greater interaction opportunities, allowing participants to set up meetings before and during Corporate Energy Series Europe.

Europe is experiencing increasing global pressure for climate action: 200 countries signed a rule book at COP24 to accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement; the European Commission revised the Renewable Energy Directive 2 to increase renewable energy use to 32% by 2030. A rapidly growing market: In 2018, there were 73 corporate renewable energy contracts that totaled 6.33 GW, boosting the industry from a previous total of 0.32 GW just five years ago.

This event gives participants access to a unique market opportunity: Corporations and industrials consume about two thirds of the world’s electricity – the industrial sector alone being responsible for 54% of energy consumption globally. Corporate effort: 158 companies have already joined the RE100 initiative, publicly committing to powering their operations with 100% renewable electricity.

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