Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Facts Don't Matter to Trump

On a recent Axe Files podcast, David Axelrod, interviewed President Trump's former economic adviser Gary Cohn. Cohn believed that Trump would change his stance on key issues like climate change and trade if he knew the facts.

As evidenced by Trump's trade wars and his withdrawal from the Paris Climate agreement, Cohn was wrong.

Those around the president who offer fact-based information have been systematically removed. Cohn reiterates the concerns shared by many others who have worked with Trump. He is concerned that there is no one left around Trump who will tell him what he doesn't want to hear.

Cohn joined Trump's team because he thought that he could help tether president to reality. "I come from a fact-based world" Cohn said, "if I can empirically show you facts, and I can show you reality, that's supposed to win the day". Cohn, like others before him, share the rational view that the president could be swayed by facts. Cohn's testimony along with others makes it clear that Trump is not interested in facts unless they support his narrative. When the facts are inconvenient he lies. This may explain why he lies incessantly.

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