Tuesday, December 3, 2019

GivingTuesday and GreenTuesday

Today is GivingTuesday a day that is about giving and volunteering.  This is part of a global grassroots movement that gives us the opportunity to push back against the destructive orgy of consumerism that we see on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. GivingTuesday is celebrated by donating our time, resources and talents to causes we believe in.  This event was Launched in 2012, and it takes place on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

GivingTuesday is celebrated in more than 150 countries. It encourages both charitable donations and community action. People are donating money, volunteering to clean up green spaces and starting fundraisers.

As reported by Forbes, GivingTuesday was conceived in Rio de Janeiro at the 2012 Rio+20 Conference. The event has grown steadily since its inaugural year when it brought in a total of $10.1 million in funds donated via Blackbaud, the largest nonprofit technology provider. In 2014, that number climbed to $26.1 million and in 2017 a total of $47.7 million came in through Blackbaud.

GreenTuesday is another event that is also celebrated on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This day was launched in 2011 to promote sustainable products and services. It is designed to inspire consumers to make "thoughtful, purposeful, eco-minded choices." This is especially important at this time of year when overconsumption is at its peak.

The Environmental Toll of Thanksgiving

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