Friday, December 13, 2019

Norwegian Aviation Company Orders 60 Electric Planes

Norway's OSM Aviation Academy is committed to fully electrifying its fleet of planes. OSM is a company that specializes in recruitment and training for the aviation industry. They have ordered 60 all electric planes from Colorado-based electric aircraft manufacturer Bye Aerospace. This is the largest single order for commercial electric planes to date. Recently Canadian company Harbour Air made history with its first test flight as part of its bid to be the world's first all electric airline.

Bjørn Granviken, Managing Director of the OSM Aviation Academy supports sustainability focused innovation.  "It’s important that the airline industry steps up to the challenge of developing more environment-friendly transport. At OSM Aviation, we’re committed to pursuing a socially responsible and sustainable business," Granviken said. However, this groundbreaking move is also good for the bottom line. Lower maintenance and fuel costs are expected to cut operating expenses by 80 percent. While it costs $110/hr. to operate a conventional training plane, the all-electric planes will cost only $20 per hour.

The eFlyer 2, formerly known as the Sun Flyer, uses a Siemens propulsion system: a 57 lb. SP70D motor with a 90kW peak rating (120 HP), and a continuous power setting of up to 70kW (94 HP). The eFlyer 2 successfully completed its first official flight test on February 8, 2019. Each two-seater aircraft will cost $350,000.

OSM is a test case for numerous other possible commercial applications for fully electric aircraft.  It is also an opportunity to take well warranted pride at advancing emissions free flight.  "We’re proud to take the lead in the future of green aviation," said Espen Høiby, CEO of OSM.

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