Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Search for Greta - A Short Film about Hope as we Teeter on the Cusp of an Apocalypse

Set against the backdrop of the September 27th climate march in Montreal, the protagonists in this short experimental documentary set out to find Greta Thunberg. Although they do not find the climate icon, what they find instead are legions of everyday heroes. This film is a celebration of the power of people working together. As we hurdle towards an uncertain future, we discover that action is the antidote to apathy and despair. We find hope even as we teeter on the brink of an apocalypse. This film takes us on a journey where what we find is not what we were looking for. We are living through dark times, but we discover a movement emerging from the ashes of this dying world. This is our story; this is our quest.

We are overwhelmed with the hopelessness of our current situation as the power brokers sell our futures for profit. Our ecosystems are being destroyed by our insatiable appetites and our unfettered hubris. From within the womb of this dystopian nightmare a lofty dream is emerging. An inclusive narrative is being born that consolidates our understanding and our purpose. We are forging heroic tales that call us to be heroes ourselves.

We set out to find Greta, and although we never find her, what we find is something even more important. We realize that no single human can solve this crisis and we discover the age-old power of unity. We also realize that it is our separateness that defeats us and leads us to despair. The arc of our story takes us from isolation and loneliness to hope and a sense of possibility. We are transformed by the realization that when we come together, we are unstoppable.

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