Saturday, January 25, 2020

Event - Modern Solutions Power Systems Conference

The 2020 Modern Solutions Power Systems Conference will take place on April 7-9, 2020 at the Indianapolis Marriott, 350 West Maryland Street Indianapolis (Indiana). Attendees will hear different perspectives about the biggest topics in the electric power industry. The focus this year is value. They will delve into cybersecurity, distributed energy, wildfire mitigation, speed, and more, they will discuss how we can ensure that electric power continues to provide significant value to peoples’ lives. Whether you work in transmission, distribution, generation, planning, or regulation, you’ll get fresh insight you can apply to your own projects, generate and share ideas, and make strategic connections.

Featured Conference Topics

The Value of Safe, Reliable, Economical Power: In the opening keynote, Dr. Edmund O. Schweitzer, III, will discuss how the industry can ensure that we continue providing the best possible service at the lowest possible price.

Moving From Uncertainty to Engineering Trusted Systems: The panel will explore the realities and challenges of today’s cyber environment and possible solutions to secure our distributed networks without lowering their value.

Cybersecurity Solutions: Balancing a Connected Power System and Associated Risks The idea of remote connection and data collection are increasingly popular among utilities. This panel will explore the effects of a more digitized and connected electric power system and the best practices, strategies, and tools we can use to make cybersecurity stronger across electric power systems.

Our Distributed Energy Future: The source of electric power is undergoing rapid change, with new generation sources continually being added to the grid along with increasing demands of the grid’s performance. This session will look at the latest ideas for designing, deploying, and operating distributed energy sources.

Using Technology to Mitigate Wildfire Risk: This session will explore the challenges facing wildfire-prone areas and strategies to detect and prevent fires in adverse weather conditions.

The Value of Speed: Working to make something faster compels us to challenge our assumptions and constraints and return to first principles. This session will explore the value of speed, or reduced delay, and seeking ever-faster ways of doing things.

The Future of the Electric Power Industry: As the last session of the conference, this panel will reflect on the crucial topics discussed throughout the conference and invite the panel to pose their own views about the future of our industry.

2020 Keynote Speakers

  • Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr., Purdue University
  • Christopher D. Roberti, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Dr. Edmund O. Schweitzer, III, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

2020 Speakers and Moderators

  • David Batz, Cyber & Infrastructure Security, Edison Electric Institute
  • Dr. Ryan Bradetich, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
  • Sam Chanoski, Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center
  • William J. Cook, Retired from San Diego Gas & Electric
  • David Costello, P.E., Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
  • Todd E. Fridley, Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) Booga K. Gilbertson, Puget Sound Energy
  • Frank Harrill, CISSP, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
  • Benjamin Kroposki, Ph.D., P.E., IEEE Fellow, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Tony Lee, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
  • Robert M. Lee, Dragos
  • Dr. Aleksi Paaso, Commonwealth Edison
  • James B. Robb, North American Electric Reliability Corporation
  • Tyson Salewske, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
  • David E. Whitehead, P.E., Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
  • Dr. Greg Zweigle, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

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