Sunday, January 19, 2020

Event - Sustainable Finance | Clean Energy Conference

The Sustainable Finance | Clean Energy Conference will take place on May 28, 2020 in Toronto, Canada. Canada aspires to transition to low GHG emission growth. To turn those aspirations into achievements, they will need to address the barriers slowing that transition. The event address existing barriers to the timely development and deployment of technologies that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the industrial, transportation, and building sectors and their financial foundations. It will include actions to overcome those barriers.

The energy system occupies a critical function in Canadian economy. The industrial, energy, building, and transportation sectors all have major roles to play in moving Canada to a clean-growth economic future. That future addresses climate-change impacts, reduces GHG emissions, and fosters resilience without sacrificing economic growth, wealth creation, the environment, or social well-being.

Reconciling these aspirations with market-based decision-making presents both a challenge and an opportunity. The Conference Board of Canada’s Centre for a Clean Energy Growth Economy has been conducting research and convening events on key aspects of this journey. It has identified two areas of impediment that need more dialogue among policy-makers, business leaders, and the public. Those areas are.
  • Barriers to the application of technologies aimed at reducing greenhouse gases. The timely development and application of energy-efficient and emission-lowering technologies is critical for Canada to move toward a clean-energy growth economy. 
  • Barriers to a supportive, sustainable finance capital market. Implementing sustainable finance will require channeling Canada’s financial sector expertise and ingenuity to meet the challenges posed by climate change.
Investing in Canada will address both of these barriers and develop actions necessary to move forward. After the event, the Conference Board will publish a briefing document summarizing conference discussions and outlining the next steps for Canada to move toward a clean-growth economy. Everyone who registers will have access to a free copy of this briefing via our website.

This conference is aimed at policy-makers, business decision-makers, and others with a strong interest in removing barriers to achieving a clean-energy growth economy.

Speakers (partial list)
  • Andrew Hall, Director, Sustainable Finance, TMX Group
  • Jamie Bonham, Manager, Corporate Engagement, NEI Investments
  • Jeanette Patell, Vice-President, Government Affairs and Policy, GE Canada, Jennifer Reynolds
  • President and CEO, Toronto Finance International
  • Jon Dogterom, Senior Vice-President, Venture Services, MaRS Discovery District

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