Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Fossil Fuel Powered Politics Driving Trump's War with Nature

The Trump administration will live in infamy for exacerbating climate change and perpetrating genocide against nature. This administration has systematically undermined the well being of the natural world. Deregulation has decimated environmental protections including the Endangered Species Act (ESA). This government has enacted policies that have unleashed unprecedented assaults on wildlife that is properly described as a war on nature.

We live in an era of fossil fuel powered politics where a corrupt cabal of politicians and industry steal from the public till in plain sight. It is unconscionable that the dirty energy industry gets ten-times more tax dollars than the public education system. It is criminal that the fossil fuel industry buys politicians and political outcomes.  It is irrational that the government keeps investing in fossil fuel infrastructure.  However, it all starts making sense when you realize the power of the fossil fuel industry. They exert their influence on government through the National Petroleum Council (NPC) and they weave webs of disinformation through the American Petroleum Institute (API). Their influence extends throughout Trump's swamp.

As a close ally of the fossil fuel, Republicans have been running this scam for years before crooked POTUS took the White House. The science suggests that fossil fuels must end if we are to have a chance of keeping temperatures within the upper threshold limit and industry knows this. In a bid to defend their profits they engage in sophisticated propaganda campaigns and find clever scapegoats. It is clear that they will fight using any means necessary right to the bitter end of human existence.

Fossil fuel powered politics enrich the elite, subvert democracy, decimate nature and push the world to the brink of destruction.  It will take much more than a few trees to cover the damage they have done. It is time to say "no more".

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