Saturday, February 1, 2020

Event - E-TALIA 2020 Summit

E-TALIA 2020 Summit will take place on April 28 - 29, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan, Italy. This is a strategy & technology summit to drive the Italian energy transition to solar, wind and electric vehicles. This annual congress will help accelerate renewable energy projects, grid investments, energy storage, asset management and EV charging network across one of Europe’s strongest renewable energy markets. E-TALIA 2020 will unite traders, utilities, corporates, investors and banks with Italy’s renewable energy value chain to unlock the country’s wind and solar potential. This summit will also assist corporate/industrial players with their energy strategies, accelerating electricity storage and E-mobility, to achieve a 32 percent clean energy goal by 2030. Over 300 people are expected to attend this summit which will include more than 25 hours of content. There will be 80 industry leaders who will be speaking at E-TALIA 2020.

Partial speakers list
  • Francesco Cacciabue, Senior Partner, Glennmont
  • Sara Grottola, Commercial Asset Manager, Octopus Renewables
  • Zosia Riesner, Lightsource, BP
  • Marco Bertazzi, Head of Operations Southern Europe, Encavis
  • Eleonora Petrarca, Head of Business Development, Enel Green Power
  • Stefania Crotta, Direttore di Direzione Ambiente and Energia, Regione Piemonte
  • Federico Giannandrea, Head of Southern Europe, Foresight Group
  • Alessandro Migliorini, Country Manager Italy, European Energy
  • Alberto Musso, Chief Operating Officer, E2i Energie Speciali
  • Stefano Cavriani, Partner, Ego Trade
  • Pietro Pacchione, Head of Project Development & Asset Management, Tages Capital
  • Roberto Castiglioni, Co-Founder & CEO, Ikigai Energy
  • Edoardo Zanchini, Vice President, Legambiente
  • Simone Rodolfi, Head of Origination, AXPO
  • Enrico Stretti, Associate, ContourGlobal
  • Claudio Vittori, Senior Technology Analyst, IHS Markit
  • Emanuele Piccinno, Head of Staff Undersecretary of State, Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico
  • Andrea Tolai, Country Manager, Siemens Gamesa Italy
  • Andrea Zaghi, Director General, Elettricita Futura
  • Nicola Tagliafierro, Head of Sustainable Product Development, Enel X
  • Federico Gotti Tedeschi, Senior Investment Manager, Ardian Infrastructure
  • Raffaele Mellone, Founder & President, FIEE
  • Giuseppe Moro, CEO, Convert
  • Carmelo Scalone, Head of Business Development and M&A, Falck
  • Giovanni D'Andria, Vice President, BlackRock
  • Luca Concone, Chief Executive Officer, Solar Investment Group
  • Luca Matrone, Global Head of Energy, Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Claudio Petrolini, Senior Vice President, Cubico Sustainable Investments
  • Michele Appendino, Chairman, Solar Ventures
  • Vincent Schachter, Head of Energy Services, E-Mobility, Enel X
  • Tommaso Barbetti, Founding Partner, Elemens
  • Allessandro Marangoni, CEO, Althesys
  • Conor McGuigan, Director of Business Development for Europe, Lightsource BP
  • Stefano Marulli, Direttore Generale, PLT Energia
  • Simone Togni, Presidente, ANEV
  • Dr Gianpiero Caruso, Vice President, Global Capital Finance
  • Roberto De Miranda, Membro del comitato esecutivo, ORI Martin
  • Giovanni Marinoni, Vice President, ORI Martin
  • Gianni Silvestrini, Scientific Director, Kyoto Club
  • Raffaello Giacchetti, CEO, CFR
  • Angelo Prete, Board Member, Business Angel & Non Executive Director
  • Sara di Mario, CEO, Green Arrow Capital
  • Mauro Folcarelli, CEO, Global Solar Fund
  • Pietro Pacchione, Head of Project Development & Asset Management, Tages Capital
  • Carlo Montella, Partner, Orrick
  • Massimo Resta, Partner, Zouk Capital
  • Giuseppe Tammaro, CEO, Global Solar Fund
  • Giuseppe La Loggia, Head of Renewables, Energy EOS Investment Management
  • Pietro Zerauschek, Managing Director - France, LBO
  • Rodolfo Bigolin, Managing Partner, Horus Capital
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