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Online Event - Collective Resilience Summit

The Collective Resilience Summit will take place May 12 - 17, 2020. This free, online and highly interactive summit will explore how to develop and sustain the individual and collective resilience we need to meet our increasingly complex global challenges with wisdom, skill and compassion. This entails a deep exploration of what it means to be human and how we can heal and repair our relationship with the earth, our fellow species and each other so that we can learn to thrive together as one human community in the face of adversity. Learn from more than 40 experts including leading neuroscientists.

This pandemic is exposing all of us to significant traumatic distress and placing us at risk for a host of stress and trauma-related health consequences in addition to the risk of contracting coronavirus. By addressing these risks with simple yet powerful tools and practices​ we can deepen our resilience and co-create resilient communities, organizations and a more resilient society.

Resilience is also a long-term issue for the future of humanity. This summit will explore strategies for increasing individual, relational, collective, cultural, social and systemic resilience. Finally, this summit will help us to listen to and heal our relationship with the Earth.

Participants will learn
  • How to deepen your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resilience 
  • How to co-create communities of care and resilience, wisdom and compassion 
  • How to envision and work toward a culture of resilience, justice and sustainability 
  • How to take care of ourselves, our families, our employees and each other.  

A Completely New Kind of Online Summit

The Interactive Summit Site will have curated and self-organizing opportunities, to engage and interact with your fellow participants, Summit sponsors and participating presenters -- including Q&A sessions, film premiers, Way of Council dialogues, breakout rooms for Circling practice and Authentic Relating games and additional opportunities for networking and community building.

Summit Presenters

Increase your resilience knowledge and skills with these inspiring and influential neuroscientists, trauma experts, mindfulness teachers, indigenous leaders, social justice and climate activists, futurists and sensemakers:
  • TARA BRACH, PHD, Psychologist, Buddhist Teacher, Author of Radical Acceptance & Radical Compassion
  • DAN SIEGEL, MD​, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Founder. of Mindsight Institute, Best-Selling Author of Aware, Mind & Brain Storm
  • RHONDA MAGEE, JD​, Professor of Law, Mindfulness Teacher, Social Justice Advocate, Author of The Inner Work of Racial Justice
  • RICK HANSON, PHD, Psychologist, Senior Fellow of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and NY Times best-selling author of six books including Buddha’s Brain
  • RICHARD J. DAVIDSON, PHD, Neuroscientist, Founder of Center for Healthy Minds, Author of the Emotional Life of Your Brain​
  • ROSHI JOAN HALIFAX, PHD, Buddhist Teacher, Zen Priest, End-of-Life Care Pioneer, Author of Standing at the Edge
  • STEPHEN PORGES, PHD, Psychologist, Trauma Expert, Research Scientist, Professor of Psychiatry & Originator of Polyvagal Theory
  • PAT OGDEN, PHD, Psychotherapist, Trauma Expert, and Founder of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute
  • ACHARYA FLEET MAULL, PHD, Buddhist Teacher, Social Entrepreneur, Founder of Prison Mindfulness Institute, Author of Dharma in Hell & Radical Responsibility
  • DIANE MUSHO HAMILTON​, Zen Teacher, Professional Mediator, Founder of Two Arrows Zen, Author of Everything is Workable and the Zen of You and Me
  • BILL MCKIBBEN, Award Winning Environmentalist, Author & Activist, named to Foreign Policy’s 100 most important global thinkers list
  • MICHELLE LATIMER, Aboriginal Canadian Actress & Filmmaker of Metis-Algonquin descent and Director of the award winning Viceland series Rise
  • RON SIEGEL, PSYD, Psychology Professor, Clinician, Educator and Author of The Mindfulness Solution: Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems
  • MELLI O'BRIEN, Speaker, writer, mindfulness teacher and co-founder of Co-founder and host of The Mindfulness Summit
  • HAN HUANG, PHD, Molecular Biologist, Researcher, Educator, Humanitarian & Executive VP and former CEO of Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
  • JIMMY SANTIGO-BACA, Award Winning Poet, Teacher & Author of A Place to Stand and Martin and Meditations on the South Valley
  • TAMI SIMON, Conscious Business Leader & Founder of Sounds True, a multi-media publisher disseminating spiritual wisdom
  • GEORGE MUMFORD, Motivational Speaker and Mindfulness & Performance Coach working with elite professional athletes, Olympians and corporate executives
  • MARK COLEMAN, MA, Mindfulness Teacher, Wilderness Guide and Author of Awake in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self-Discovery
  • DAVID TRELEAVEN, PHD​, Writer, Educator, Trauma Expert & Author of Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness
  • NIKKI MYERS​, MBA, Yoga Therapist & Founder of Y12SR - Integrating Yoga and 12-Step Addictions Recovery & Relapse Prevention
  • JEFFREY SACHS, PHD, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, Director of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network
  • LAURIE LEITCH, PHD​, Clinician, Trauma Expert, Originator the Social Resilience Model (SRM) & Director of Threshold GlobalWorks
  • PAIKIASOTHY, SARAVANAMUTTU, PHD, Peacemaker, Humanitarian, Founder of the Centre for Policy Alternatives and recipient of the Citizens Peace Award in Sri Lanka
  • IMAM ABDUL MALIK MUJAHID, American Muslim Imam, Author, Producer, Nonprofit Entrepreneur and former Board Chair World Parliament of Religions
  • JOANNA HARDY, Insight Meditation Teacher & Retreat Leader at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Insight Meditation Society
  • TIOKASIN GHOSTHORSE​, Lakota Nation Peacemaker, Indigenous Rights Activist, Award Winning Musician, Pine Ridge “Reign of Terror” Survivor and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
  • BARBARA VEIGA, Producer, Photographer, Filmmaker working globally with Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, Amazon Watch, Avaaz, and Founder of Women’s League for the Oceans
  • ZACHARY STEIN, ED.D, Philosopher, Author, Research Scholar at the Ronin Institute, Academic Director of the Center for Integral Wisdom
  • MIKE GILLILAND, Futurist, Sensemaker, Podcaster, Commentator, Resilience Trainer & Co-founder of
  • EUVIE IVANOVA, Futurist, Sensemaker, Podcaster, Commentator, Resilience Trainer & Co-founder of
  • JOE BREWER, Futurist, Change Strategist, Complexity Researcher, Cognitive Scientist & evangelist for the field of Culture Design
  • JOHN STOKES, Musician, Performer, Writer and Teacher of Tracking, Founder-Director of the Tracking Project
  • PAZ (MAPITZMITL XUIKWETPALTZIN), Community activist & ceremonial leader of indigenous and Hispanic descent working for indigenous rights since 1970
  • RICHARD REOCH, Buddhist Peacemaker & Human Rights Activist, former President of Shambhala International, global media chief for Amnesty International
  • MILES KESSLER, Aikido, Meditation & Integral Practice Teacher, Summit Organizer, Founder of The Integral Dojo
  • SARA LEWIS, PHD, Anthropologist, Professor of Contemplative Psychotherapy, Author of Spacious Minds: Trauma & Resilience in Tibetan Buddhism
  • GABRIEL KRAM, Founder of Applied Mindfulness, Convener of the Restorative Practices Alliance & Host and Producer of the Restorative Practices Film Series
  • ALESSANDRA SOLLBERGER, Entrepreneur, investor and founder of Top Tier Impact, a global private network of impact investors and impact entrepreneurs
  • LT. RICHARD GOERLING (RET), Retired Police Lieutenant and Coast Guard Commander, Mindfulness Teacher & Resilience Trainer and Founder of Mindful Badge
  • SARA NESS, Founder of Authentic Revolution, a consulting & training company for connection and leadership skills
  • MARK WALSH, Embodiment Trainer & Facilitator, Aikido black belt, Founder of Integration Training and Embodiment Facilitator Training
  • ALEXANDER BEINER, Writer, Facilitator, Musician and Meditation Teacher, Cultural Commentator at Rebel Wisdom & Founder of Open Meditation
  • INGMAR RENTZHOG, Eco-warrior, CEO and founder of We Don't Have Time. The world's largest social network for climate action
Event Schedule

Day 1 - May 12th: Individual Resilience

What is Resilience & How do we Build and Sustain our Personal Resilience... Even in the Face of Adversity?

Day 1 Presenters
  • Richie Davidson, PhD
  • Rick Hanson, PhD
  • Nikki Myers
  • George Mumford
  • Sara Ness & Acharya Fleet Maull, PhD
  • Mark Walsh

Day 2 - May 13th: Relational Resilience & Healing Trauma

How to Heal and Transform Trauma, Create Authentic Connection and Sustain Resilient Relationships

Day 2 Presenters
  • Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD
  • Laurie Leitch, PhD
  • Pat Ogden, PhD
  • Stephen Porges, PhD
  • Dan Siegel, MD
  • David Treleaven, PhD

Day 3- May 14th: Collective-Community Resilience

How to Co-create Communities of Care & Resilience

Day 3 Presenters
  • Tara Brach, PhD
  • Lt. Richard Goerling (ret.)
  • JoAnna Hardy
  • Han Huang, PhD
  • Gabriel Kram
  • Melli O'Brien
  • ​Ron Siegel, PsyD

Day 4 - May 15th: Cultural-Societal Resilience

How to Create a Culture of Resilience Grounded in Social, Economic and Racial Justice

Day 4 Presenters
  • Sara Lewis, PhD
  • Rhonda Magee, JD
  • Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid
  • ​Richard Reoch
  • Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, PhD
  • Gary Slutkin, MD
  • Tami Simon

Day 5 - May 16th: Sensemaking & Resilient Systems

How to Envision a New Way Forward for Humanity... Think Globally and Act Locally

Day 5 Presenters
  • Alexander Beiner​
  • ​Joe Brewer
  • Mike Gilliland & Euvie Ivanova
  • Diane Musho Hamilton
  • Miles Kessler
  • Jeffrey Sachs, PhD
  • Alessandra Sollberger
  • Zachary Stein, Ed.D

Day 6 - May 17th: Listening to the Earth & Indigenous Voices

Learning from Native Wisdom Holders and Healing Our Relationship with the Earth

Day 6 Presenters
  • Mark Coleman
  • Tiokasin Ghosthorse​
  • Michelle Latimer & Barbara Veiga
  • Bill McKibben
  • Ingmar Rentzhog​
  • Jimmy Santiago-Baca
  • John Stokes & Paz (Mapitzmitl Xuikwetpaltzin)

Flexible 48-hour Access allows you to enjoy any or all of the inspiring conversations posted each day of the Summit at your convenience, any time of day or night, for 48 hours.

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