Sunday, May 10, 2020

Online Event - Global Summit of Conscious Leadership

The Global Summit of Conscious Leadership will take place on June 5th Live online. This live conference will be a catalyst for transformation that moves us toward a paradigm shift. It is time to do things differently by elevating the level of consciousness of our leadership and our organizations to capture the hearts and minds of our people and our clients.

When leaders are more conscious, they show more emotional intelligence, empathy, emotional resiliency, and self-awareness in the way they lead their team and serve their clients. They are also committed to do good for society and the world.

During this live online event, you will learn how our experienced speakers lead from a higher level of consciousness and achieve breakthroughs in performance while having a positive impact in society, in their teams, their families, the environment and everyone else involved.

  • Philip Shepherd, Author Radical Wholeness, Embodiment teacher, Radical Wholeness
  • Richard Barrett, Founder and Managing Director, Academy for the Advancement of Human Values, Leading with values
  • Patricia Hewlin, Social Scientist and Professor, McGill University, Authenticity and Leadership Expert, Living with Authenticity
  • Julie Westeinde, Founder and Transformative Learning Facilitator , Breakthrough Learning Connections, Living Systems Paradigm Shifting & Non Violent Communication
  • Anita Nowak, Academic associate, McGill University, Empathy expert, Leading With Empathy
  • Alan Seale, Founder and Director, Centre for Transformational Presence, Transforming ourselves to transform our world
  • Bhaskar Goswami, Founder daana, Yoga and meditation teacher, Leadership embodiment
  • Erik Giasson, Yogi of Wall Street, Author, Speaker, Executive Coach Choosing to succeed in a crisis 
  • Tomas Björkman, Founder, Ekskäret Foundation, Becoming conscious co-creators
  • Jackie Roberge, Founder and CEO, Business & Beyond Master of Ceremony
  • Stephane Leblanc, Founder and CEO, International Centre for Conscious Leadership, Conscious Leadership as a Pillar of Transformation

    What participants can learn

    - Understand the power of conscious leadership as the new leadership paradigm to thrive in the new economy. Get all the tools, strategies and practices you need to take your leadership skills to the next level.

    - Acquire knowledge, tools, and strategies as well as the power comes from implementation. Feel inspired and motivated to transform. Emotions are energy in motion and we are feeding you with empowering emotions throughout the day.

    - Learn how change is no longer enough, we need to embrace transformation to become the leaders and organizations we want to be in this new world that is emerging. At this event you will learn from experienced teachers of transformation from around the world.

    Become a catalyst for change, click here to register for the live on online event (includes access to all 10 conferences and video recordings).

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