Sunday, May 24, 2020

Virtual Conference - Advances in Electric Drives, Process Control and Automation (VCADPCA2020)

This virtual global scientific forum will take place online on June 9, 2020. VCADPCA2020 is a platform for researchers, academicians as well as professionals from all over the world to present, discuss and promote advances in knowledge, research and practice in the field of electric drives, process control, automation and energy engineering (for a full summary of the areas of interest see the list below). This conference is focused on delivering and analyzing industrial and academic advancements.

Areas of interest
  • Electrical Machines and Adjustable Speed Drives
  • Energy Efficient Control Techniques
  • Power Converters and Modeling
  • Efficient Energy Utilization
  • Power Quality Issues and Solutions
  • Smart Grid & IoT
  • Green and Renewable Energy Technology
  • Process Control Systems
  • Soft Computing in Power Systems
  • Intelligent Control
  • Sensor Fault Detection and Diagnosis
  • Embedded Control of Converters and Drives
  • Analytical and Virtual Instrumentation
  • Diagnosis and Sensing Systems
  • Roboticsand Control
  • Industrial Automation System
  • Modelling and Simulation of Drives

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