Friday, August 7, 2020

GMO's Annual Green School Series 2019

Each year since 2010 the Green Market Oracle (GMO) publishes a series of posts addressing a wide range of green school related subjects. In addition to green buildings, this series has reviewed hundreds of sustainability-focused schools and accreditation as well as a wide range of related topics. The tenth edition of the GMO Green School Series included 17 posts bringing the total to 399. To see all the posts from preceding years click here. Posts in the 2019 Green School Series addressed green school buildings, climate curricula, climate denial, protest and education in the Trump administration.

Green school buildings

Trane Helping Schools Cut their Energy Bills in Half
Bentley University Arena is a Model of Sustainability
School in Pakistan Shines Light on the Power of Renewables

Climate curricula

Green, Healthy, Sustainable Schools (Video)
Schools and Climate Change Education - The Good News and the Bad News
Grade 10 Climate Change Education in Ontario
Business Sustainability Management (Online Short Course) - University of Cambridge
Environmental Masters Degrees from Vermont Law School
Building Sustainability: BCIT Training the Next Generation

Climate denial

5 Reasons Why Teachers are Not Teaching Kids about Climate Change
Who is Preventing Kids from Learning about Climate Change?
Kids May be Our Best Hope of Getting Through to Climate Deniers


Student Strike on September 27th is the Largest Climate Mobilization in History
Montreal Hosts the Largest Climate March in History
Thousands of Colleges and Universities Have Declared Climate Emergencies

U.S. government and education

The U.S. Spends 10 Times more on Fossil Fuel Subsidies than Education
Trump and Devos Oppose Public Education

Stay tuned for more green school information and resources in 2020 as part of the 11th edition of the GMO's Green School Series. Click here to see a comprehensive summary of green school posts. 

Comprehensive Green School Information and Resources 2010 - 2019

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