Sunday, August 23, 2020

Online Event - 2020 International Climate Action Challenge

This kick off event will take place on August 26 & 27, 2020.  This initiative will help you jump-start your environmental or community initiative in 90 days. The action-packed two-day FREE Kick-Off Event will give you tips for launching your initiative. You can meet the mentors and connect with fellow challengers.

This event is for anyone interested in participating in the Challenge. Get your free pass to the Challenge Kick-Off Event that will give you instant access to the Challenge Quick Start Guide.

Access to register for a live webinar with Joan Gregerson, Founder, Green Team Academy. Participate in live sessions, watch on-demand expert videos, and join our Zoom Happy Hours! Free and open to all.



Wednesday, August 26

10 AM MDT, Tree Planting & Forestry
11 AM MDT, Soil Health & Regenerative Agriculture
12 PM MDT, Plant-Based Diet & Wellness
1 PM MDT, Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
4 PM MDT, Let's Talk Trash, Recycle/Compost/Food Waste Prevention 7 PM MDT, Bienvenidos! Spanish Language Call

Thursday, August 27

10 AM MDT, Science Communication, Marine Science, Virtual Events
11 AM MDT, Bienvenue! French Language Call
12 PM MDT, Family, Youth & School Initiatives
3 PM MDT,Climate Change through the Arts
6 PM MDT, Minimalist Lifestyle


    • Joan Gregerson, Green Team Academy
    • Shiela deForest, Mrs. ECO-International 
    • Start the day with Shiela & Joan to find out what's coming your way!
    • Get a preview of the day's on-demand and zoom Happy Hours
    • Learn about the mentors
    • Hear more about the challenge
    • Ask questions
    • Pop into a breakout room to meet fellow attendees!
    • Duration: 45 minutes



    • New On-Demand Videos
    • Each day, you'll get access to a set of new training videos.
    • The purpose of these expert trainings is to help you hone in on your specific areas of interest and meet the mentors that you can work with throughout the challenge.
    • Watch as many training videos as you like! Then, jump into the Happy Hours to talk directly with the mentors. 



    The most exciting feature of the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge is our mentors! Challengers will be able to connect with mentors in the Challenge Portal. Our mentors have created short, valuable training videos to:
    • welcome you and introduce themselves
    • help you understand key environmental and social issues
    • guide you to choosing a reasonable and impactful challenge goal
    • share resources and strategies to propel your team's impact



    • Live Zoom sessions throughout the day on Wednesday & Thursday
    • Hop into a Zoom call to talk with your fellow challengers and mentors!
    • Duration: 50 minutes
    • Introduction by mentors
    • Small breakout groups

    Click here for your free pass to the Challenge Kick-Off Event

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