Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment Graduate Programs at The New School

Policy and Environment Graduate Programs at The New School in NYC prepares you to become a leader in your field while promoting social justice. Their master’s degree programs enable you to critically examine contemporary environmental and urban policy systems, develop equitable and sustainable solutions, and launch a thriving, transformative career.

Learn to become agents of change from a world-class faculty. Their innovative, collaborative cross-disciplinary approach to  learning extend far beyond the classroom.

This interdisciplinary graduate program gives you the chance to:
  • Redefine sustainability practices, working with diverse organizations in NYC and beyond
  • Benefit from an approach rooted in environmental justice, grassroots perspectives, and indigenous knowledge
  • Advance your career as a planner, manager, policy analyst, consultant, and more 
All applicants are eligible for competitive merit-based scholarships, covering up to 75 percent of tuition. The GRE is not required. Applications are being accepted for Fall 2020, with partial merit-based scholarships available.
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