Canadian Politics

Liberal Government
Liberal Minority Government is Good for Climate Action
Polls Reveal Unprecedented Support for Climate in Canada
The Climate Platforms of Canada's Four Major Federal Parties
References to Climate in the 2019 Canadian Federal Leaders Debate
Canada Votes: The Climate Platforms of the Four Major Federal Parties 
The Obsession with Fossil Fuels is a Canadian Disease
Canadian Conservatives Fossil Fuel Powered Green Plan
Canadian Oxymorons and the Dangers of Liberal Dualism
Reflections on US Canada Relations in the Space Between our Birthdays
Oil and Gas Industry Influence in Canada
Canada Failing to Meet its Emission Reduction Commitments
Canadian Leadership on World Environment Day (WED)
Historic Pan-Canadian Climate Deal
Canadian Dualism: Climate Leadership is at Odds with Ramping Up Fossil Fuels
Canada's Pyrrhic Climate Victory
Now is the Time for Carbon Pricing in Canada
Review of Canadian Climate and Energy Policy (Videos)
Canadian Renewable Energy: Federal and Provincial Government Policy Initiatives
unmuzzling government scientists
leadership role at COP21
Political Changes Signal the Dawn of a New Day for Climate Action
Throne Speech Reiterates Canada's Commitment to Climate Action
New Liberal PM's Mandate Letter to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
Climate Welcome and Gifts for Canada's New Prime Minister
Canadian Government Scientists can Now Speak Freely Again (Video)
Canada's New Minister of Environment and Climate Change is Already at Work
The Liberals Must Deliver on their Environmental and Climate Promises after 10 Years of Conservatives
Dion to Lead Canada's New Environment, Climate Change and Energy Cabinet Committee
Canada's New Government and Hopes for Climate Action
The New Liberal Government's Climate and Energy Policy Promises

Quebec Voters Poised to Determine the Outcome of Canada's Federal Election
Green Party Win in BC Foreshadows the Importance of the Environment
PEI Provincial Election: Another Conservative Win? Think Again - Think Green
Alberta Premiere to Fight for the Fossil Fuel Industry and the Federal Conservatives
Energy Jobs and the Economy: Kenney's Plans for Alberta
Kenney to Kill Progress on Climate Action in Alberta 
Doug Ford's Victory Will Reverse Ontario's Green Leadership
Canadian PM and Provinces Unified for COP21
What Canadian Provinces are Doing to Combat Climate Change
Alberta's New Climate Plan is a Quantum Leap Forward
Saskatchewan to Get Half of its Energy from Renewables
Canada's Provincial and Territorial Governments Draft Principles for a Clean Energy Strategy
The Merits of Carbon Pricing in B.C.
Canada's Green Provincial Report Card

Conservative Government

Environment Record of the Interim Canadian Conservative Leader
Canada's Failed Climate Leadership is also an Economic Disaster
Harper's Decarbonization Pledge is Achievable
Canadian Conservatives New Emissions Reduction Pledges
Canada Reneges on its Promise to Follow US Climate Policy
Harper Conservatives' Tar Sands Complicity
Strategic Voting to Oust Harper in the Federal Election of 2015 (Leadnow)
Infographic - Environmental and Climate Positions of Canadian Federal Parties (David Suzuki Foundation)
Green Innovation and the Economic Importance of Fossil Fuels in Canada
Conservatives Suppress Arctic Ice Loss Research
Canadian Government Approves Northern Gateway Pipeline Despite Widespread Opposition
Harper and Abbott United in their Love of Fossil Fuels
Report - Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Canadian Oil and Gas Sector
Historic Canadian Supreme Court Ruling Dis-Empowers Fossil Fuel Industry
A Not So Happy Canada Day for the Environment
Good News for the Environment on Canada Day
Canadian Conservatives Undermine Democracy and Environmental Protections
Canada's Conservatives Downgrade Humpback Protection to Move Forward with the Northern Gateway 
Top Canadian Environmental Defense Issues in 2013
Harper Government's Tragic Environmental Record is Cause for National Shame
The Tar Sands Have Higher Emissions Profiles than Previously Thought
Increases in Tar Sands Production Will Guarantee the Worst Impacts of Climate Change
The Tar Sands and IEA's Three Climate Change Scenarios
Conservative Convention Ignores the Environmental Abuses of Harper and His Government
Scientists and Activists Hold US Press Conference on Conservatives' Tar Sands Agenda
Canada's Ruling Conservatives at War with Science
Canadian Conservatives Cut Research Funding but Spend on Fossil Fuel Pipeline
Taxpayers Money to Promote Fossil Fuels Brought to you by Canada's Ruling Federal Conservatives
Canadian Government Uses Security Agencies to Target Environmental Opposition
Canadian Energy Espionage in Support of the Tar Sands
Video - The Tar Sands Give Canada the Worst Climate Record in the Western World
Canadian Implications of Obama's National Climate Strategy
Leading Canadian Economist to Tell Europeans about the Climate Impacts of the Tar Sands
Climate Scientists' Urge Canadian Minister to Back-off Expanded Fossil Fuel Production
Canada to Fight EU Proposal Labeling Tar Sands as Dirty
Canada's Ruling Conservatives Take Another Swipe at Environmental Protections
Canada is Banking on Carbon Capture to Offset Tar Sands
Enbridge withdraws from Canada's Carbon Capture Farce
Canada at Odds with US and China on Climate Change
Canada's Leader of the Official Opposition on the Keystone XL Pipeline
Canada's Hopes for an Environmentally Friendly Federal Leadership Now Rest with Justin Trudeau
Report Urges Canada's Federal Conservatives to Regulate Oil and Gas Sector to Meet GHG Targets
Canadian Conservative Minister Attacks Climate Scientist
Canada Withdraws from UN Efforts to Combat Desertification
Canada Pulls out of Kyoto
Canada is an Environmental Pariah at Rio+20
Canada's Ruling Conservatives are Trying to Silence American Scientists
Canada's Ruling Conservatives Muzzle Scientists
Canadian Conservatives Silence Opposition to the Northern Gateway Oil Pipeline
Canadian Conservatives Admit to Killing Environmental Dissent
Conservative Budget Guts the Environment
Canadian Government Spending on Dirty Projects
Canada is a Dirty Energy Superpower
Canada has the Dirtiest Oil on Earth (Video)
Report: Canadian Government is Not Helping Business Prepare for Climate Change
Report: Canadian Businesses are Unprepared for Climate Change
Merkel and Harper: Two Opposing Energy Visions
Canada's GHG Ranking

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