Fossil Fuels

Trump & Republicans

Corruption in Washington: The Money Trail Leads to the Fossil Fuel Industry
Fossil Fuel Powered Politics Driving Trump's War with Nature
Republicans are the Leading Purveyors of the Fossil Fuel Industry's Climate Denial
How the Political Right Uses Fossil Fuels to Galvanize Opposition to Climate Action
States Outlawing Protest to Protect the Fossil Fuel Industry
The Trump Administration's Ongoing Energy Insanity
Trump Hates Renewables and Loves Fossil Fuels
Trump Undermines Renewables to Help Fossil Fuels and Take Revenge
Trump's Energy Agenda is as Insane as his Presidency
Trump's Climate Denial the GOP and Fossil Fuels
The Trump Administration's Policy of Energy Inefficiency
The Courts and Fossil Fuels
Trump Undermines Renewables to Help Fossil Fuels and Take Revenge
The Fossil Fuel Industry and Republican Climate Change Deception
In the Face of Record Setting Heat & Rain the GOP Doubles Down on Fossil Fuels


Fossil Fuel Subsidies are Funding Global Warming
Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuel Subsidies
The U.S. Spends 10 Times more on Fossil Fuel Subsidies than Education

The World's Poor are Hurt Not Helped by Fossil Fuel Subsidies
Clean Energy from Renewable Sources is the Answer but Government Policies are a Problem
Fossil Fuel Industry Pays Legislators to Protect their Subsidies
What Would Happen if Fossil Fuel Subsidies Were Redirected Towards Renewable Energy?
Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies is a Crucial First Step
The Energy Paradox: Environmental Defence on Canada's Escalating Oil Subsidies
Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies is a Crucial First Step
Fossil Fuel Subsidies and Renewable Energy Post COP21
Time to Reduce the Subsidy Gap Between Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy
Infographic - Fossil Fuel Subsidies
Curbing Fossil Fuels - Carbon Pricing and an End to Subsidies (WEF Summaries)
Infographic - Climate Finance vs Fossil Fuel Subsidies: National Comparisons
Infographic - Fossil Fuel Subsidies and the US Congress
Problems and Solutions to the Climate Crisis from the World Economic Forum in Davos
A Large and Growing Chorus is Calling for an End to Fossil Fuel Subsidies
Scientists Urge Government Action on Climate Including Removing Oil Subsidies
Fossil Fuels are the Most Hated Industry in the US
End Fossil Fuel Subsidies Totaling One Trillion Per Year
Success of the #EndFossilFuelSubsidies Campaign
Rio+20: Campaign to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies
Obama Striving to Put an End to Oil Subsidies
Environmental Politics: Obama Versus the GOP
GOP Fights Removal of Oil Subsidies
End Fossil Fuel Subsidies
Obama's Call for an End to Oil Subsidies
Tell the G20 to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies Now
Video - Do the Math: The Movie

Energy trends

Ending Fossil Fuels is Necessary but it Won't be Easy
Climate Action Must Include Efforts to End Fossil Fuels
The Fossil Fuel Industry is Dying
Tackling Climate Change by Riding the Fossil Fuel Industry into the Ground
Market Forces are Killing the Fossil Fuel Industry
Oil is a Bad Investment
Curbing Fossil Fuels
The Risks Associated with Stranded Fossil Fuel Assets
The Fossil Fuel Industry has Reason to be Nervous
Deutsche Bank Says Half of all Known Fossil Fuels Reserves Need to Stay Underground
Keep it in the Ground: Campaign and new US Bill (Video)
COP21 and Stranded Fossil Fuel Assets
Four Fossil Fuel Divestment Narratives and their Constituencies 
Fossil Fuel Divestment and Stranded Assets
Infographic - Stranded Fossil Fuel Assets
CERES Oil and Gas Climate Stress Test
Study on the Fossil Fuel Industry and the Bursting of the Carbon Bubble

Science and the end of dirty energy

Ending Fossil Fuels Really is the Answer
A Brief Chronological Summary of Climate Science
Evidence that the Fossil Fuel Industry is Dying
End to Fossil Fuels by 2050
Video - Fossil Fuels Must be Eliminated by 2100 (IPCC Synthesis Report)
Reducing Fossil Fuel Use: The Longer We Wait the More it will Cost
Fossil Fuels are a Clear and Present Danger
Declaration of Freedom from Fossil Fuels
Infographic - One Day in the Life of Big Oil
Graph of Fossil Fuels GHG Contributions
The Cost of Carbon
Now is the Time to End our Reliance on Fossil Fuels: Worldwatch Institute's State of the World 2013 Report
Curbing Fossil Fuels is Essential to Climate Change Mitigation
Fossil Fuels are making the Planet Uninhabitable
Air and Water in the OECD Report
Pursuing a Moratorium on New Fossil Fuel Development
Video - Do the Math: The Movie
Fossil Fuel Powered Carbon Bombs
Video - Debate: McKibben vs. Epstein—Are Fossil Fuels a Risk to the Planet?
The Implications of the US being a Global Leader in Fossil Fuel Production
Burning Fossil Fuels and Staying Within the 2 Degree Limit
Fossil Fuels are the Most Hated Industry in the US
Reigning in Irresponsible Oil Giants Chevron

Industry deception and disinformation

The New Face of Climate Denial
Fossil Fuel Industry Buys Politicians and Political Outcomes
API's Long History of Climate Denial and Disinformation
War on Science Makes Fossil Fuels a Climate Archvillain
Fossil Fuel Industry Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds
Proof of disinformation from Fossil Fuel Companies
Exxon's Crimes Against Humanity
Exxon is not the Only Bad Apple: The Whole Fossil Fuel Industry is Rotten to the Core
Fossil Fuels Lies and misinformation
Oil and Gas Industry Influence in Canada
The Fossil Fuel Industry and Republican Climate Change Deception
Corruption in the Fossil Fuel Industry
Fossil Fuel Powered Manipulation
Big Oil's Legacy of Lies Misinformation and Subterfuge (Video)
Fossil Fuel Powered Manipulation
Video - McConnell Confirms the Koch Brothers Power Over America
The Koch Brothers Control of America
Buying Support for the Keystone XL
The Anti-Environment Influence of 3 of the 4 Koch Brothers
Video - ALEC Bill on Capitol Hill
Video: The Koch Brothers are Oil Billionaires on a Maniacal Mission
Video: What do the Koch Brothers talk about at their Secret Right Wing Retreats?
The Koch Brother’s Ties to GOP Presidential Candidates
A Reintroduction to the Climate Denying Duo Known as the Koch Brothers
Koch Industries Financing Climate Denial
Koch Industries' Environmental Crimes
Koch Industries Destroys the Environment and Funds Climate Denial
Reigning in Irresponsible Oil Giants Chevron and Exxon Mobil
The Kochs' Tea Party Republicans
The Kochs' Cato Institute's Climate Denial
Koch Industries War with the EPA
Supreme Court and the Koch Brothers Clandestine War
The Koch Brothers' No Climate Tax Pledge
The Kochs' Spending on Political Influence
Koch Industries and the Tea Party's Corporate "Grassroots" Koch Industries' Environmental Crimes
The Kochs' Mercatus Center
Koch Industries Financing Climate Denial
The Kochs' War Against Obama and the Democrats
The Kochs' Americans for Prosperity Undermines Cap-and-Trade
The Kochs' Citizens for a Sound Economy Feigned Grassroots
The Kochs' Climate Science Denial
Koch Industries War on Industry Oversight and Environmental Regulation
Video Linking the Kochs' and the Tea Party
Video: Koch Brothers Climate Denial Machine
Protecting the Planet from Corporate Influence

Fossil Fuels and Renewables

The Booming Green Economy: The Number of Renewable Energy Jobs Crush Fossil Fuels
Fossil Fuels are Being Replaced by Renewable Energy
COP21 Deal Signals the End of Fossil Fuels
Market Reaction to COP21 Deal: Fossil Fuels Crash while Renewables Soar
Renewable Energy Can Replace Fossil Fuels
The Growth of US Renewables are Outpacing Fossil Fuels
Renewable Energy Can Replace Fossil Fuels
Investors know that Fossil Fuels will be Replaced by Renewables (Jeremy Grantham)
Renewables will Save us from the Scourge of Fossil Fuels
Renewable's Predictability Over Oil's Volatility
Oil's Price Volatility is Bad the Economy and the Environment
Solar is destined to Beat Fossil Fuels
Solar Over Fossil Fuels (Inforgraphic)

The Price of Oil

Diminishing Profits Signal the Beginning of the End of Oil
Falling oil Prices Make Fossil Fuels a High Risk Investment
Oil is a Bad Investment
Financial Losses Associated with Fossil Fuels
Low Oil Prices Offer an Opportunity to Combat Climate Change
The Upside to Low Oil Prices
Climate Pros and Cons of Low Oil Prices
Falling Oil Prices and a Global Climate Agreement
Cheap Oil Will Not Stop Renewables
An Upside to Low Oil Prices?
Video - Why Oil Prices Will Keep Falling
Why Oil Prices Matter for Renewable Energy

Oil Spills Transporting Fossil Fuels

The Dangers of Transporting Fossil Fuels
Partial Summary of Oil Spills in 2016
Summary of Fossil Fuel Spills in 2015
PipeEnbridge Spills Again
Oil Spill Poisons Muskeg in Northern Alberta
Two Pipeline Spills: Tar Sands and Brine
Unstoppable Oil Leak at a Tar Sands Production Site in Alberta
Infographic: 13 Oil Spills in 30 Days
Top 25 Oil Spills Over 1000 Tonnes in the Last Decade
Pipelines and Oil Spills in Alberta Canada
Infographic - Exxon Valdez Timeline of Recovery (NOAA)
The Unconscionable Cost of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
The 25th Anniversary of the Oil Spill from the Exxon Valdez
The Dangers of Transporting Fossil Fuels
Three of the Most Destructive Tanker Oil Spills in History
Oil Leaking from a Sunken Ship Off the Coast of Newfoundland
Oil Spills in Trinidad: Fossil Fuels and Politics Don't Mix
Barge Spills Oil Off the Coast of Texas Endangering Birds
Train Derails and Spills Oil in Lynchburg Virginia
Video - Train Carrying Oil Derails Illustrating the Dangers of Transporting Fossil Fuels
Video - Truck Carrying Oil Crashes and Explodes Illustrating the Dangers of Transporting Fossil Fuels

Offshore Oil (BP/Shell)

What Activists can Learn from Shell's Arctic Retreat
The Cost of Oil: BP Reaches $20 Billion Settlement with the Federal Government
Supreme Court Gives BP a Lump of Coal for Christmas
Transocean to Pay $1.4 billion for its Role in the Gulf Oil Spill
The Costs of Oil: BP Liable for up to 90 Billion
Judge Declares BP is Grossly Negligent but are Fines Enough?
Infographic - BP Oil Spill 4 Years Later
Video - The Ongoing Impacts of the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico
The Cost of Oil: BP Barred from Doing Business with the US
The Costs of Oil: BP Liable for Tens of Billions
BP's Corporate Irresponsibility
Responsibility for the Costs of the Gulf Oil Spill
The Costs of Offshore Drilling
Managing the Massive Gulf Oil Spill
Offshore Oil is an Avoidable Tragedy
Two More Reasons to Move Beyond Fossil Fuels
offshore oil Shell After a Failed Cover-up Shell Sub-Contractor Pleads Guilty
Shell Pauses its Arctic Drilling for 2013
Shell's Game with the Arctic
Shell Oil Rig Runs Aground in Alaska Raising More Safety Concerns
Video - An Oil Rig Belonging to Shell is Grounded in Alaska 
Shell's Game with the Future of the Arctic
Another Offshore Oil Leak this Time from Shell
Lawsuit Protecting the Arctic from Arctic Drilling


Kinder Morgan pipeline

Kinder Morgan Pipeline is as Good as Dead

Keystone XL Pipeline

Obama Kills KXL now other Pipelines should Follow
Keystone XL is Rejected Energy East to Follow
Ahead of Obama's Rejection of the KXL TransCanada Seeks a Delay
The Best Pipeline is a Pipeline that does not get Built
Energy East Pipedream
Ahead of Obama's Rejection TransCanada Fails to Suspend the KXL
President Obama Vetoes KXL Legislation
Senate Passes KXL Bill
Why the Keystone XL Pipedream Must Die
Sanders Keystone XL Amendment
Video - Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the Keystone XL
Republicans trying to Force KXL on the White House
Keystone XL Loses Another Battle but the War Rages On
Republicans Keep Pushing Keystone XL Pipeline
Republican Congress to Push the Keystone XL
Reasons Why the Keystone XL is a Pipedream
Keystone XL will Emit 4 Times More Pollution than Originally Thought
Buying Support for the Keystone XL
Business Leaders, Scientists, Economists and Ordinary People Reject the Keystone XL
A Brief Review of the Keystone XL Saga
Keystone XL will Fly or Fail Depending on Who you Talk to
The Fate of the Keystone XL: The Ball is in Your Court Mr President
Refuting the Rationale for Approving the Keystone XL
Comparison of the Keystone XL and Renewable Energy
How Come the Keystone XL is so Hard to Kill
Obama Standing Up to the GOP by Promising to Veto Keystone Legislation
The Politics of the Obama Administration's Keystone Delay
The Fate of the Keystone XL: The Ball is in Your Court Mr President
Video - Two Million Comments Rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline
Video - Obama's Top Aids and Democratic Donors Oppose the Keystone XL
Keystone XL will Fly or Fail Depending on Who you Talk to
The Keystone XL Pipeline: Debunking Four Cardinal Lies
Moving Bitumen by Rail Rather than Pipe will Lessen Tar Sands Expansion
Ten Reasons Why Nurses Oppose the Keystone XL
Comparison of the Keystone XL and Renewable Energy
Video - A New Approach to Protest Against the KXL
Video - Farcical Comedy on Keystone XL Jobs
Oil Spills Add to Concerns about the Keystone XL Pipeline
Protests Greet the Keystone XL South as it Makes its First Deliveries of Oil
Video - This is What a Corroded Underwater Tar Sands Pipeline Looks Like
Keystone XL on the Ropes: Conflict of Interest Revealed in the State's EIS
Obama Says the Number of Keystone XL Jobs are "Negligible
Obama Rebuffs the Keystone XL's Economic and Jobs Benefits
New Tar Sands Pipeline Goes East to Follow the Path of Least Resistance
The Fate of the Keystone XL Pipeline in the Wake of President Obama's Georgetown University Speech
Unions Oppose the Keystone XL in the Jobs vs. Environment Debate
EPA Slams State Department on the Keystone XL
Cornell University Questions the Economic Benefits of the Keystone XL Pipeline
American Employment: Keystone XL vs Green Jobs
A New State Department Environmental Impact Assessment Clears the Keystone XL Pipeline
The DoD's Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap (CCAR) Excludes Keystone XL
Obama to Expedite the Keystone XL Pipeline
Bill McKibben on Obama's Keystone XL Reversal
Republicans Vow to Continue Push for Keystone
The Center for Biological Diversity CREDO and Friends of the Earth Slam Keystone Reversal
Indigenous People and Students Protest Obama's Reversal on Keystone XL
GOP's Keystone XL Proposal Fails in Senate
Anti-Keystone XL Ad Campaign
The Keystone XL and Rising Fuel Prices
Video: Keystone XL will Raise Gas Prices
Republicans Refuse to Let the Keystone XL Die
Keystone XL Protest Message Campaign a Success
Resistance to Republican Efforts to Resurrect the Keystone XL Pipeline
Obama Cancels the Keystone XL Pipeline Project
President Obama Stops Keystone XL Pipeline
Republicans Use Blackmail to Gain Support for the Keystone XL Pipeline
Tar Sands Day of Action in Washington
President Obama and the Fate of the Keystone XL Pipeline
NRDC November 6 Protest Against the Keystone XL in Washington DC
Nebraska's Special Session to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline
South Dakota Wants Additional Protections Against Spills from the Keystone XL Pipeline
Safety Measures for the Keystone XL Rejected by Environmentalists in Nebraska
State Department Hearings for the Keystone XL Pipeline
Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Protest
Keystone XL Protest Ends in Washington
Nobel Prize Laureates Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline
Religious Leaders Join the Protest Against Keystone XL Pipeline
Video - Van Jones Attacks the Keystone XL Pipeline
US Protests Against the Tar Sands Oil
Canada on Track to be a Dirty Energy Superpower
Bill McKibben and other Protestors Jailed for their Opposition to the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline
Video: NASA's Leading Climatologist Addresses Crowd Before he was Arrested at the Keystone XL Tar Sands Protest in Washington

Energy East Pipeline

Keystone XL is Rejected Energy East to Follow
The Energy East Pipedream
Environmental Action Opposing the Energy East Pipeline
Quebecers Protest Energy East Pipeline and Terminal
Halloween Campaign Opposing the Energy East Pipeline
Environmental Leaders Comment on the Energy East Pipeline
Cities In Ontario and Quebec Opposing Energy East
Video - Stop the Energy East Pipeline

Northern Gateway Pipeline

BC Town Rejects the Northern Gateway Pipeline
BC Opposes the Northern Gateway Pipeline
Canadian Conservatives Silence Opposition to the Northern Gateway Oil Pipeline


The Obsession with Fossil Fuels is a Canadian Disease
Fossil Fuel Industry Lobbying in Canada

Pope Francis

The Pope's Encyclical Opposes Fossil Fuels
Vatican Conference Rejects Fossil Fuels

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